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MathForces opening

mathforces | April 26, 2020, 6:17 a.m. | Website News

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Dear users! We are glad to announce that after two closed olympiads we are ready for the official launch of beta-version of the platform for math lovers - MathForces.
Regardless of your age and preparation level on our site, you can find olympiads and problems which can help you improve your skills and maths knowledge. In particular, this platform will be useful for:

  • Participants of maths olympiads;
  • Competitve coders who want to improve their knowledge in mathematics;
  • Teachers and trainers who don't want to lose their grip;
  • People who are preparing for the interviews for a job in financial companies;
  • Everyone who loves maths.
The platform was created during the COVID-19 crisis in order to give an opportunity to people all over the world to continue training at home despite the obstacles. There are several sections on the site:
  • Problems. There you can solve various problems available in our database. Also you can sort them by tags if you want to train yourself on a specific topic. Your problem rating is the sum of all solved problems difficulty divided by 100. Currently about (50) problems are available, but we are planning to add approximately 500 new problems. Moreover, in the future, we will allow users to suggest problems right in the system. Meanwhile, you can do it by writing to our mail title, problem statement, answer and short solution to new problem.
  • Olympiads. Olympiads are the basis of the site. They usually consist of 5-10 tasks of varying complexity. You have 5 attempts to solve each of them during the olympiad, no points will be deducted by using them. But the faster you solve the task, the less the penalty coefficient will be. At the end of the olympiad ratings of active users (i.e. those who made at least one attempt) will change thanks to adapted Elo algorithm . The point of adaptation is that when there are multiple participants, your predicted place in the competition (based on the ratings of participants at the beginning of the Olympiad) is considered and compared with the place that you actually took. Next, your rating is compared with the predicted rating that the participant had to have in order to take your predicted place. Depending on how much better or worse your forecast is, your rating will increase or decrease accordingly. At the same time, olympiads are planned to be held at least once a week.
  • Blog. There we will publish site' news, articles, also we will cover math events taking place in Russian/English world.

Our plans for the current year also include:
  • Introduction of mathematical games. For example, users can challenge each other to a duel in Bulls and Сows . We believe that games of this kind develop the mathematical imagination, as well as allow you to relax with your mind.
  • Introduction of training materials. We will be looking for partners among various schools and educational centers in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other Russian-speaking and English-speaking countries, with which we will start developing this section. Until then, you can send your articles to our mail so that we can publish them on the site in the Blog section.
  • Introduction of the interview preparation section. This section will be useful for those who are preparing for technical interviews for trading positions (Quantitative analyst, Quantitative trader, Quantitative developer) in large international companies: Jane Street, Renaissance Technologies, Hudson River Trading, Two Sigma, D. E. Shaw and others.

In the end, we would like to mention all the participants in the creation of this project:
  • @daniyar: Aubekerov Daniyar, Founder, Lead Developer. Questions to ask: about website, partnership, work in the project, anything.
  • @smulemun: Makarov Artyom, Co-Founder, Back-End Developer. Questions to ask: why can't I use a capital letter in my login?!
  • @aruzhan: Amanbaeva Aruzhan, Graphic Designer. Questions to ask: where's the logo?!
  • @nrd: Akhanov Nurdaulet, Rating System Contributor. Questions to ask: Why do I have a low rating?
  • Chad Sutherland: Django mentor. Questions to ask: What's wrong with the developers?

We wish you all a high rating!